Panacea Medical Center

The first clinic in Cyprus specializing in the application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to prevent, treat and and repair injuries in the body

Our team is proud to be your trusted partner on the path to a healthy life

Our mission is not just to provide treatments, but also to understand individual cases and provide personalized treatments for them. A fundamental principle lies in the responsibility and accountability towards each patient. We strive not only to treat the symptoms but also to prevent problems from occurring.

“Medicine is not just the science of health, it is the art of preserving life”. Albert Schweitzer

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Decompression Sickness

Treatment is carried out using the recompression method in a hyperbaric chamber

Recovery Program

We offer a full range of therapies and preventative procedures thatare aimed at restoring vital functions of the body

Wellness & Rejuvenation

Optimal health and anti-aging can be achieved with a set of therapies and procedures aimed specifically to target these areas

Beauty Therapy

A combination of procedures aimed at improving your appearance, wellbeing and overall beauty

Effective and innovative methods

Our expertise enables us to offer our clients the most effective and innovative methods for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various conditions and diseases. This knowledge serves as the foundation for our therapeutic and diagnostic techniques, which are tailored to each individual. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who will assist you in finding the right solutionfor your health.

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